Jorge Perianes

We see with our brain, not our eyes. This is why it is important to analyze the bases our brain uses to build and invent elements, the motors and the how and why of its interpretation of reality.  These questions, distinctive of science, are addressed by Perianes from his artistic practice searching for a possible edification and a positive discourse, where he combines classical and poetic ways and –apparently- distant symbols in order to seek new meanings or outlets to the world. 
Parting from the fact that all of our perceptions are illusory, and reality is illusory as well, managing signs and symbols remains pertinent. Perianes often recurs to nature in order to find the roots of our symbology, and it is there where he finds unexpected connections and concretions that lead to a reflection about artificiality, mental reconstruction, reification, frugality and the fleeting as elements to judge reality. 
Jorge Perianes has participated in numerous exhibitions, recently in Max Estrella (Madrid, 2016), Museo Barjola (Gijón, 2016), Centro de Arte Contemporanea Graça Morais (Bragança, 2015), and CEE Montevideo, and Horno de la Ciudadela (Pamplona, 2017). He has been invited to intervene the exhibitions spaces of Abierto x Obras (Matadero, Madrid, 2011) and MARCO (Vigo, 2008).